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Missing Classmates

Ill winds have blown several eagles off course over the years! If you know the address of one or more missing classmates, please write to us or send an e-mail.

  • Shirley Jean Calhoun Kendrick
  • Carmellia Faye Ayers
  • Maurnetia Harris
  • Carolyn Dale Plumley
  • Sandra Sue Stanley
  • Effie Elanor Plumley
  • Gloria Jean Thompson-Bennett
  • Judith Kay Boleratz
  • Carole Ann Meadows
  • Jerry Ernest Williams
  • Phyllis Anne Lilly
  • Lavonne Joyce Skaggs
  • Thelma Jean Baldridge Pruett
  • Edna Eleanor Pettry Hollis
  • Charlotte Ann Hunt Miller
  • Roger Williams