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Eagles nest but they don’t flock. When the last of these eagles flew from the nest on May 27, 1958 they scattered to the four winds and made new nests all over the world. Also, they became successful in their different endeavors. Here is a brief look at what some of our classmates have accomplished. Class members who attended our 50th Class Reunion in August 2008 and classmates introduced since August 2008 are introduced in bold typeface.

Thelma Adams-McNaughton took the secretarial route out of Beckley following high school. She served one enlistment in the United States Army and then worked in law offices in the Virginia suburbs of Washington, D.C. She is now engaged in paralegal work in Florida and contemplating retirement. Thelma says she is seriously considering Beckley for that phase of her life.

Ida Rose Adkins also enlisted leaving Beckley – the United States Air Force. She took a civilian position with the Air Force before moving on to the Internal Revenue Service. When she retired, she had 30 years federal service. Rosie lives in Denver and claims to carry an affliction attributed to the shopping gene. Rosie also spends her fair share of time at a canasta table.

Mike Allenbaugh served eight years in the United States Air Force, involved in intensive electronics work. He moved on to manufacturing plant maintenance and then plant management in Iowa. He attempted to design a part-time property management business for retirement, but it grew into another full-time career. His hobbies are woodworking and motorcycling. Learn more about Mike from his Classmate Profile.

Jim Anderson does not appear anywhere near retirement. He practices corporate law in Beckley, in the same building his father’s dental practice and Columbia Gas once occupied. Jim is the beacon that draws us back to Beckley two times each decade for our class reunions. He serves as the chairman of the Reunion Committee, structured the Class Scholarship Fund and is generous with contributing time to class projects.

Norma Lee Angle stayed in Beckley becoming Norma Lee Angle-Crum and the mother of three. Norma sold insurance in Beckley for many years. She moved to Tennessee in August 2008 to be near her children and works part time selling pre-need cremation. Everybody wants to go to Heaven. Check with Norma before you leave. Norma was a welcome sight at our 50th Class Reunion.

George Arnold retired from teaching at Marshall University in 2004 to become a full-time gentleman farmer in Shady Spring. Or should we say he retired from professing? Anyway, he was doing whatever PhDs do in academia and some of our children and grandchildren are the better off for it. George attends all class reunions and gave the keynote address at the 45th. He rendered valuable service during the preparations for the 50th Class Reunion.

Charles “Buddy” Bales is an educator in Miami, Florida. When he closed out his public education service following 33 years in the Dade County school system, he took a position with a private prep school. Buddy is number two honcho there. Cannot imagine Buddy in any occupation where he would not be giving of himself for the benefit of others. Buddy was present at our 50th Class Reunion in 2008.

Betty Jean Ballard has had a full and successful life since WWHS. She married Dwayne Wingler (WWHS 1954) in 1961 and lived in Richmond, Virginia and subsequently worked as a bank executive in Richmond, Las Vegas, and Florida until 1995. She then opened her own Real Estate Company in Daytona Beach and has been selling ocean breezes ever since. BJ (a nickname given to her many years ago by a boss in Las Vegas) has been married to Jack Miller for 30 years and they spend their leisure time between homes in Port Orange, Florida and Ormond Beach, Florida, and look forward to escaping in their motor home with the cat that “rules the roost” Jo-Jo. One of the few of us who is not retired, BJ says she is having too much fun working to even think about retiring. She invites anyone who is thinking about moving to Florida to check out her web site, and call her anytime 24/7 365…honest.

Jim Bays was in the wholesale furniture business in Pennsylvania. In February 2005, he celebrated a new marriage with a honeymoon in Cancun, Mexico. Jim attended the 45th Class Reunion in 2003 and the mini-reunion in June 2005. Jim completed his retirement in 2008.

Larry Belcher served in the Navy following high school. He married classmate Nancy Earle Smith in 1960. Larry went into Human Resources with the Bank of Raleigh in 1968, moving on to Eastern Associated Coal, which became Peabody Coal Company and is now Patriot Coal. Larry suffered a career ending heart attack in 1985. Larry is a regular at our class reunions including the 45th and the 50th.

David Bennett, a Mabscott boy retired from the United States Navy in 1977, spent 15 years in law enforcement then embarked on a third career as an owner-operator of a over the road tractor-trailer engaged in freight hauling. He is a family man, living in Jacksonville, Florida and may be driving through your town any day now!

Judy Benson added Keener to her name and lived in Arlington and Falls Church, Virginia while working at the United Mine Workers Headquarters in Washington, D.C. Disability forced Judy into retirement in 1998. Her retirement home is in North Carolina where she can be near family and the Wake Forest Medical Center.

Melvin Bostic served in the United States Army before moving to Ohio where he worked in the maintenance department of the Midview Board of Education for 31 years. Melvin is still in Ohio.

Rita Bright is still shining. She lives in southwest Colorado where she has filled up her life with a man, children, grandchildren and llamas. If you need a real live llama, has Rita got a deal for you! Rita is a retired educator having taught at the middle school and high school levels. She was also a student counselor for a time.

Glenn Buckland looks back on four years in the Air Force following high school, several years spent in consumer finance and banking, followed by becoming a John Deere dealer in North Carolina. Glenn is now retired, maintaining homes in Greensboro and Sunset Beach, North Carolina. Glenn attended our Golden Anniversary Brunch in Beckley.

Lewis Burford went to Ohio after high school, where he became an operating engineer. He operated a crane involved in building bridges until his retirement in 2001. Guy has one son and one daughter. He attended our 45th and 50th Class Reunions.

Ida Mae Canterbury married classmate Bill Highlander. Why doesn’t that surprise us? She says when she had a regular job she was a training specialist for medical equipment companies, but gave that up to concentrate on her art career and being a homemaker. Ida Mae was present at almost all of the class reunions held since graduation including the 45th and 50th events.

Paul Chikos became Paul Chickos, M.D. He is a radiologist in the State of Washington. Paul has cut his practice back to part time to devote more time to smelling the roses and being a hands-on grandpa.

Victoria Joan Christopher added Withrow to her name and balanced home making with work at C&P Telephone Company for 13 years before devoting full time to home making. Vickie has spent much time as a caretaker. She lives in Prosperity and attended our 50th Class Reunion, her first since the 10th.

Nancy Gaye Combs became Nancy Gaye Combs-Cook. She worked at administrative positions in the corporate world, retiring from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in 2003. At that point, Nancy moved from Arkansas to North Carolina. Nancy attended out 50th Class Reunion in 2008.

James Cole spent three years in the 82nd Airborne and pursued an electrical career when he got out of the Army. James obtained an unlimited electrical license in North Carolina in 1978 and became an educator at North Carolina Community College in Jacksonville, North Carolina after practicing his craft for 29 years. James was named educator of the year in 1997. He now calls himself a road warrior teaching classes all over the United States and Mexico. James attended our 50th-year class reunion.

Janey Cooke and her physician husband are retired. They split their year between Alaska and Arizona. Janey began her working life as a Home Economist, became a small business owner and then a wedding consultant. If you ask Janey her career status today, she will tell you she is a Domestic Manager. Janey attended our 50th-year class reunion.

June Irene Cooper-Cummings is alive and well and living in Weyers Cave, Virginia. Learn more about Irene from her Classmate Profile.

Tony Cueto married Nancy Walker from the class behind us and spent 20 years in the United States Army. After his military service, he worked as an EMT/ambulance attendant in New Jersey. Tony retired and lived in Greenbrier County with Nancy until his death on October 28, 2008.

Sam Cumbo lives in Louisiana where he owns a fleet of trucks. Sam attended our 50th Class Reunion in 2008.

Janice Gayle Curtis stayed on in Beckley where she became Janice Gayle Curtis-Walker. She also became an educator after receiving perhaps the first bachelor degree in the class – July 14, 1961. Janice spent 30 years teaching elementary school, mostly third grade (her favorite) at Fireco, Teel, Institute, Piney View and Stanaford from which she retired in 1999. Janice also taught two years in the Cleveland, Ohio area. Janice attended our 50th Class Reunion in 2008.

Peggy Davis became Peggy Davis-Davila and is retired from an administrative position at the University of Maryland. She, her husband and their daughter live in South Carolina. One son lives in South Carolina and the other son still lives in Maryland. Peggy had hoped to attend the mini reunion in June 2005 but she did not get there. She did however, attend our 50th Class Reunion in 2008.

Andy Earehart is still in Beckley. He has retired three different times. Will there be a fourth automobile dealership in Andy’s future? Andy has some health issues but is in good condition overall. Anyone who can count Andy Earehart among his or her circle of friends cannot do better. Andy has attended all of our class reunions, the most recent being the 50th Class Reunion in 2008.

John David Estep attended West Virginia Technical Institute for two years following high school and then joined the United States Army. He stayed 26 years during which he earned a Bachelor’s degree from Auburn University. First trained as a linguist in Arabic, he wound up flying helicopters. John served three tours in Vietnam and one in Saudi Arabia. John is retired now, living in South Carolina. He came to our 50th Class Reunion, his first.

Sherry Lee Evans married Jerry Rose from the class behind us. She is a lady with many accomplishments. Sherry and Jerry took over the dance school Miss Beard established in Beckley all those years ago. In partnership with one of her sisters, Sherry helped to operate a home decorating studio (Pandora’s Box) on the old Valley Drive and she manages some real estate properties. In her spare time she writes mystery novels having her first one published in May 2007. Sherry volunteers as our class treasurer and attends each class reunion.

Phyllis Marie Faykus earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Education, which she employed at the intermediate school level in Arlington County, Virginia from 1962 until 2008. She married classmate Gene Burton Wiseman. They live in Annandale, Virginia. Phyllis was present for all events during our 50th Class Reunion.

Frankie Ferro lives in Owings Mills, Maryland. She has an administrative position with the State of Maryland, Office of Administrative Hearings. Frankie attended the 45th Class Reunion and the 50th. She plans to remain in Owings Mills when she retires.

Shirley Hamilton File moved away from Beckley during her Institute Elementary School years. She maintained contact with the class through Susan Johnson and Nancy Fink, rejoining the class for our 50th Class reunion in 2008. Now Shirley Hamilton File-Robbins, she is a retired registered nurse who does a lot of volunteer work near her home in Powatan, Virginia. It is good to have Shirley back in the fold.

Nancy Lou Fink became Nancy Fink-Witschey out of college. She lived in Richmond, Virginia for 30 plus years working with computers. Nancy is single again and has a farm in western Virginia within sight of the West Virginia border. She fills her retirement with looking after her farm, independent consulting in the computer field and being a grandmother. Nancy is still smarter than the average bear and a whole lot better looking. Nancy attended the 45th and 50th Class Reunions where she is always a welcome sight.

Carol Fitzgerald married a North Carolina transplant and became Carol Fitzgerald-Hodges. She lived in New Jersey where her husband was stationed with the United States Air Force until they returned to Beckley in 1965. Carol worked part time in accounting while raising two daughters. When parenting became a part-time endeavor, Carol returned to full time employment until 1998 when she retired from Stewart Enterprises. Carol and husband Jim live on their farm at Sandstone, West Virginia where they raise Black Angus cattle, garden and maintain bee hives. Carol attended our Golden Anniversary Brunch in Beckley.

Barbara Fitzpatrick-Casarow makes a home for her barrister husband in New Jersey. Barbara serves as a volunteer at both the Miss New Jersey and Miss America pageants. She also serves on our Class Reunion Committee and is present at every class reunion.

George Terry Fitzpatrick spent four years in the United States Navy out of high school before settling in Ravenswood, West Virginia. Terry was employed at Kiser Aluminum there for 38 years. He and his high school sweetheart have four children and raised one grandchild.

Phyllis Ann Fitzwater married Eddie Marshall (WWHS ’59). They lived in Maryland for the first 16 years of their marriage. In 1979 they returned to Prosperity, where Phyllis grew up. Phyllis came to the class mini-reunion in June 2005 and our 50th Class Reunion in 2008.

Mary Lou Forren-DePolo lived in the house her father purchased on East Prince Street in 1947 until 2009. Mary Lou retired from Appalachian Hospital in April 2005. She had an administrative position there for many years. Mary Lou and her husband have renovated a country home at Bragg, West Virginia where they now reside in seclusion. Let’s hope she will not object to an occasional visit from an old friend! Mary Lou serves on our Class Reunion Committee and attends all of our class reunions.

Shirley Ann Garland added Sammons to her name and her family grew to three children. She lived in Dallas, Texas and Phoenix, Arizona before settling down in Tennessee. Shirley worked as a hairdresser, then traveled and trained franchisees in glamour photography. When she got to Tennessee, she became a real estate broker and appears nowhere near retirement.

Prudence Gaziano became Prudence Gaziano-Majestro after earning her Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education at West Virginia University. Prudence also worked in her physician husband’s office and property management before settling in as a full time homemaker. Prudence raised two boys, a lawyer and a dentist plus one daughter, a pharmacist all living in West Virginia. She boasts eight grandchildren and states that her family is the focus of her life. Prudence attended our 50th-year class reunion.

Sandra Lee Goodall tap danced her way through high school, went to Concord College (now University) were she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Education, then went to Shoney’s in Charleston, WV and ordered up a Mrs. She was duly served and became Sandra Lee Goodall-Gunter. Sandra taught business subjects in the Kanawaha County school system for 32 years and was a welcome presence at the class mini-reunion in June 2005 and at the class 50th-year reunion in 2008.

John Gorsica is a retired pharmacist in Waynesboro, Virginia. It would be hard to imagine John in any other profession. John is the father of two very accomplished children, a son and a daughter. John attended our 45th and 50th Class Reunions.

Dick Grubb joined the Navy in 1959 and stayed 11 years, becoming an air traffic controller. He left the Navy to take a controller’s position with the FAA before the age limit would disallow his eligibility. He remained with FAA until the aircraft controllers strike during 1981. Next, he started an escort service for oversize truck shipments and has traveled all over the country. Dick also earned a military pension continuing in the naval reserve until that requirement was met.

Tamara Dale Harrah went to West Virginia University after high school where she earned a degree in Elementary Education. Her first position as an educator was in Morgantown while she waited for her future husband (Mike Jones) to finish his degree. Following her initial year as an educator, Tammy taught in Illinois (one year) and at Central Elementary in Beckley (four years) before leaving the profession to remain at home while raising their two children. Tammy lives in North Carolina but is giving consideration to moving closer to family in South Carolina.

Clyde Douglas Harper has been living in the Hampton Roads area (Virginia) since 1982. He retired from Northrop Grumman as a Supervisor in Aircraft Carrier Engineering in 2006. Clyde says the major focus of his retirement is spending time with his grandchildren. Clyde was a welcome sight at our 50th Class Reunion.

Bob Hancock spent 25 years in retail management at F.W. Woolworth and more years at Dollar General. Bob’s experience is somewhat unique in that he retired from Florida instead of to Florida. He lives in Tennessee.

James (P.A.) Hatcher is living in Maryland, retired from an accounting practice. He opened a part-time American heritage and military memorabilia business in 2003, which is being closed at the end of 2008. “P.A.” has volunteered for a number of battlefield preservation projects during the past several years. He dabbled in website design – including this website. “P.A.” served as host for the class mini-reunion held in June 2005 and was present at both our 45th and 50th Class Reunions.

Frank Heatherly. If you look up the word educator in a dictionary, you will see a picture of our own Frank Heatherly. Frank majored in education at Concord College and earned Masters and Doctorate degrees at the University of Alabama. Beginning as a classroom teacher, Frank became a school principal after three years of teaching, then assistant superintendent of schools, then superintendent of schools, and finally was employed by the Alabama State Department of Education. Frank has educated classes in China and South America as well as here in the states. Learn more about Frank from his Classmate Profile. Frank attended our 50th Class Reunion, his first.

Billie Sue Hedrick-Harless broke new ground in the corporate world when she became the first female sales representative for Hershey Foods Corporation (the chocolate company). When the combination of business travel and parenting became a burden, she accepted employment with Unisys where she achieved her first retirement. Sue has lives in the greater Atlanta Metro Area and held a senior administrative position with the Gwinnett County Police Department. Sue retired again on August 31, 2007. She kept a promise made to a number of classmates when she attended our 50th Class Reunion in 2008.

Linda Henson, that cute little flag girl who wore the “B” became Linda Henson-Meadows. Linda gave up Virginia for Pennsylvania and then gave up on Pennsylvania. She retired and moved to Florida with two of her three sisters just in time for the 2004 hurricane season. Linda had a streak of bad luck, two automobile accidents during the year before her retirement that left her with lingering injuries and need for long-term rehabilitation. Linda returns to Pennsylvania for a visit each year where she usually hooks up with classmates and cancelled her plan to go to Beckley during our 50th Class Reunion for health reasons.

Richard William Highlander attended Greenbrier Military Academy for one year following graduation from WWHS. He enrolled in Rutgers University earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology and a commission in the regular Army through his ROTC participation. He married classmate Ida Mae Canterbury and remained in the Army for 21 years. Bill also earned a Master of Arts degree in Journalism from the University of Georgia. Since leaving the Army, Bill has held two corporate vice-president positions – Corporate Communications for United Defense Systems (formerly FMC Defense Systems) and Public relations for Calpine, an independent energy company headquartered in California. Bill, at this writing is the editor of a bi-weekly newspaper the Evergreen Times, a San Jose area publication. His column can be followed on-line. Bill has attended most of our class reunions held since graduation including the 45th and 50th events.

Phyllis Blanch Holdren-Killmyer beat feet out of the “Mountain State” and settled in the “Sunshine State”. She also settled into banking, motherhood and being a grand parent. She continues to enjoy her journey through life and never looks back. Learn more about Phyllis from her Classmate Profile.

Johnnie Herbert Hoskins arrived at Syracuse University in July 1958 to study the Polish language on behalf of the United States Air Force. He remained in the Air Force for 22 years involved in various Intelligence programs around the world. Following active duty, Johnny earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Administration from the University of Arizona and was employed by the State of Arizona Department of Economic Security until a heart attack ended his working career on September 11, 2001. Johnnie, who suffers lingering affects from Agent Orange volunteers with Veterans of Foreign Wars. Learn more about Johnnie, who attended our 50th Class Reunion from his Classmate Profile.

Jimmie Genell Houston retired from the United States Navy, returned to West Virginia and remarried. He is doing well. Jimmie attended our 45th and 50th Class Reunions.

Cecilia Ann Hovanski went out to Illinois where she added Baden to her name, stayed on and raised a family. Cecilia worked as a receptionist and a beautician before retirement. Cecilia attended our 50th Class Reunion in August 2008. She died on May 7, 2009 in Huntley, Illinois.

Frank Huston served in the United States Army, worked part time as a mail carrier and bartender until he caught on with Firestone Fibers and Textiles Company in Hopewell, Virginia. At Firestone, working with polyester and polymerization manufacturing, Frank worked his way up to General Foreman. When the plant was purchased by Allied Signal Company Frank was promoted to Operations Engineer, a position he held until 1999. Frank has stayed on in Hopewell during retirement.

Richard Hutchens stayed in Beckley. At the time of the 50th Class reunion which Rick attended, he was still working – Office Manager for Brakes Supply out on the Airport Road. Richard is a self-taught pianist playing regularly for his church.

Melvin Storm Jamison worked at H&M Shoes in Beckley following high school while he earned an Associate of Arts degree at Beckley College. Mel then earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education at Concord College (now University) and began a long career as an educator and school principal. He taught school in Mercer and Monongalia Counties in West Virginia and Milford, Delaware. He was a school principal in both West Virginia and Delaware, completing his long and distinguished career in education as the principal of the Greater Beckley Christian School. Mel holds a Master of Public Schools Administration degree from West Virginia University and a Doctor of Ministry Degree from International Seminary. He remains active as a Baptist Minister at Sunset Hills Baptist Church in Coal City, West Virginia. Married to classmate Betty Suddreth, Mel has attended every reunion the Class of 1958 has held.

Ann Janutolo- Ann Janutolo-Henderson since 1962, began her professional life as an educator in Maryland. She moved back to West Virginia living in St. Albans and Parkersburg, as well as the Beckley area. In addition to teaching, Ann has started three different businesses and currently lives in Harper, West Virginia. She is a member of the Class Reunion Committee and helped shape our 50th Class Reunion.

Nancy Kay Johnson-Ramey worked as a secretary before going to college and becoming an educator. She closed out her career teaching adult education in Kentucky. She still lives there. Nancy Kay was a welcome presence at our 50th Class Reunion.

David Kennedy has been in and out of West Virginia since high school. He is currently living at Crab Orchard and is still working in the carpentry trade. David came to the 45th Class Reunion in 2003.

Larry Kesler retired from BASF, the chemical giant in 1991. He was a computer systems program manager there. Larry and wife Kay live in South Carolina. Larry is an avid golfer and attended our 45th and 50th Class Reunions.

Nancy Ellen Lawson of Crab Orchard became Nancy Lawson-Pruett of Detroit, Michigan. Nancy spent her early years in secretarial work, while continuing her education, doing the single mom thing and rising to the executive ranks with a major transportation company. Super Nan is now retired and makes several trips to Beckley each year. Nan was present at our class mini-reunion in 2003 and our 45th Class Reunion in 2003.

Gene Lilly moved to Chicago after high school. He returned to West Virginia (Mingo County) and worked in coal mine maintenance until retirement in 2005.

Ray Lilly retired from a number of ventures including ownership of a sporting goods store in North Carolina. He came to our mini-reunion in June 2005 but had to cancel his trip to our 50th Class Reunion for health reasons. Ray died on November 1, 2009 in Siler City, North Carolina.

Corky Lively is a retired hi-techie. He married a lady he met while in the Air Force and wound up living on a farm in cold, cold, New Hampshire. Keeps in shape with cross country skiing. Corky is believed to be our only classmate living in all of New England. What does that say about Corky? What does it say about us?

James Ethan Lowe attended an Iowa Medical School affiliate in Pennsylvania, received a degree in Family Practice from MSU and a Masters Degree in Family Practice from the University of Nebraska on his way to becoming a physician’s assistant. Ethan has been in private practice since 1978 and taught for a time at Mountain State University. He still works three days a week at an endeavor he enjoys immensely. Ethan divides his spare time between grandchildren, beagles, guitar, writing and golf. He is an ardent Mountaineers football fan. Ethan also serves on the board of directors of the Raleigh County Emergency Operations Center.

Denny Mahoney spent one year at Beckley College following high school then moved to Southern California. He completed his education at Cerritos Junior College and Long Beach State College. He majored in Math concentrating on computer courses. He became a computer programmer, then a systems engineer and later a systems manager with Honeywell. He continued his career with Apple Computer as a sales training manager, retiring in 1991. Denny has lived in Los Angeles, the Silicon Valley and Phoenix. He currently lives in Prescott, Arizona. Learn More about Denny from his Classmate Profile.

Rev. Wayne Manning is retired from a ministry in California. Wayne is a co-founder of the WWHS Prayer Support Group and maintains a consulting practice to coach individuals, professional people and company entities toward leadership, vision and integrity. Wayne also serves in our class chaplain corps by contributing to the Class Chapel on our website. Wayne traveled to Beckley for our 50th Class Reunion.

Larry Martin joined the Marine Corps one-month after graduation and served until being placed on medical retirement in 1967. He entered Morris Harvey College where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. Thereafter he was employed as a Certified Internal Auditor with the Naval Audit Service, retiring in 1996. He accepted another auditor position with Northrop Grumman, Field Support Services moving from Virginia Beach, Virginia to St. Augustine, Florida in 2003 and retiring in 2007.

Patricia Ann Maxey married her high school sweetheart/classmate and settled into life as Mrs. Larry Eugene Stafford. Patty worked for the Raleigh County Board of Education for 15 years before moving to Florida and spending 5 years there in a paraprofessional teaching position. The Staffords then moved to North Carolina and on to Kentucky where they remain. Patty has attended most class reunions including the 45th and 50th.

Ted Maxey worked as a federal mine inspector for more than 30 years. He retired in 2006. Ted has a Mabscott address and is a regular at class reunions. He attended our 45th Class Reunion the Mini-Reunion in 2005 and our 50th Class Reunion.

Martha May is now Martha May-Maxwell. Martha left Beckley to become a Duke Blue Devil. Martha is a retired social worker, married to an Episcopal clergyman and they nest in Michigan. Martha wrote in October 2008 to say she and her husband are enjoying retirement. They had several reunions with their children, spouses and grandchildren during the summer and a trip to California.

Jimmy McGrady began adult life as a soldier, leaving the Army after 8 years. He was employed at Earheart’s until becoming disabled in 1992. He lives in Sprague.

Tommy McGrady‘s life’s work includes two years with Beckley Newspapers, several years with C&O Railroad and more years in the coal mines. Tommy is still working. He owns and operates a small used car lot on Robert C. Byrd Drive.

Tom McKinney retired from the U.S. Army in 1979, worked in the electronics field and then went back into government, with the U.S. Postal Service. He currently has 48 years of federal service and plans his second retirement in June of 2006.

Ray McManamy spent 24 years in the United States Army. He tried a number of things thereafter, finally settling in with United Parcel Service which led to a second retirement. Ray moved back to West Virginia in 1987 and now lives on the Grandview Road, near Little Beaver Park. He is staying active by driving a tour bus that operates out of Beckley.

Norman Richard Meadows is now to be addressed as Rev. N. Richard Meadows. Following high school, he served three years with the U.S. Army (82nd Airborne Division), married Connie Ballard from the Class of 1961 and settled into the family building supply business. After 30 years, Richard moved to Florida where he entered into contracting and acquired a mountain home in the Great Smokies. The Meadows split their year between the New Smyrna, Florida residence and the vacation residence in North Carolina. Rev. N Richard serves in our class chaplain corps, posting clergy messages in turn and being on standby for those who feel the need to approach him for spiritual guidance. Richard was present at our 45th and 50th Class Reunions.

David Miller may be the smartest man in the class. He landed a job teaching at an all girl college in South Carolina. A lot of guys from the Class of 1958 wanted to invade all girl schools, but David actually figured out how to do it! David moved on to educate students of both sexes at the La Cross campus of Wisconsin University. He retired from full time teaching in the spring of 2004, but returned shortly thereafter on a part time basis retiring a second time in the spring of 2007. David was a welcome presence at our 45th and 50th Class Reunions.

Harold Eugene Miller worked in the coal mines, then sold doors and windows and now installs doors and windows in the Beckley area where he still lives.

Betty Jo Mitchem entered nursing school in Charleston, WV during the fall following high school graduation and became a registered nurse in three years. She continued working in Charleston until 1967, During this time, she married a physician and added Pierson to her name. Betty and her husband lived in Chapel Hill, North Carolina from 1967 through 1972 while he specialized in Radiology. Their next stop was Greensboro, North Carolina where they remain. Both Betty and her husband are now retired. Betty has one son and two daughters. Betty’s volunteer service includes schools and her church. Her church service includes becoming an elder. Betty Jo attended our 50th Class Reunion, her first. Hopefully it will not be her last.

Elizabeth Gayle Mount‘s nursing education was interrupted by marriage (Moore) but she completed her degree at the University of Central Florida in 1964 to become a RN. Gayle moved to Melbourne, Florida in 1963 where she remains, retired and twice widowed.

Rachel Mullins-Dove lived in the Washington, D.C. area until 1979 when she moved to North Carolina. She hired on with the State of North Carolina, retiring in 1999. According to Rachel, “If God isn’t a Tarheels fan, why is the sky Carolina blue?” Rachel attended the 45th Class Reunion in 2003.

Bobby Lee Mullins lives in Daniels, West Virginia. He retired in 2000 after driving a truck for most of his working life.

Lynda Oscar-Willis retired after managing the back office of a certified public accounting firm in Falls Church, Virginia. The Willis in her name came from classmate Larry Willis. They married in November 2005. Lynda is a regular at our class reunions, including our 50th Class Reunion and was co-hostess of the class mini-reunion in June 2005.

Sandra Peraldo is now Sister Sandra Peraldo. Her Order, the Sisters of St. Joseph is devoted to nursing and teaching. Sandra who is anything but retired lives in Parkersburg and attended our 50th Class Reunion.

Darrel Pettry made a career out of retail management and now lives in retirement in Lexington, Kentucky. Darrel is a U.S. Air Force veteran, attended the 45th Class Reunion, the mini-reunion in June 2005 and our 50th Class Reunion.

Barney Pippin spent his working years in Florida Law Enforcement and Corrections. His last assignment was Warden of a maximum security prison. He lives in The Villages, Florida. Learn more about Barney from his Classmate Profile. Barney attended our 50th Class Reunion, his first.

Pat Porterfield earned a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from West Virginia Institute of Technology. He applied his education to the U.S. Department of Defense in Maryland for 38 years. Pat married classmate Jacqueline Short in 1962. They remained in Maryland after retirement.

Jeanette Premo added Marcinko to her name and moved to California. That was in 1959. There, Jeanette entered nurses training and became a RN, which she worked at until 1991. Jeanette occupies her time with bingo, fishing, Vegas and grandma stuff.

We always knew John Robert Pyles would go far. He did. He lives in Hawaii where he is a successful businessman. Actually, if Johnny had gone any farther he would be on the other side of the world headed back again! John attended our 50th Class reunion, his first.

Barbara Sue Quesenberry entered nursing school in Ohio during 1958, graduated as a registered nurse and stayed on there. She retired in 1998, having worked 37 years with the Mercy Hospital System. Barbara owns a boarding kennel and dog rescue business – intending to live out her retirement in Ohio. She provided foster care and placed four canine survivors from Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

Sue Ellen Redden married a soldier, added Walters to her name and lived all over the world. She favored Taiwan among the many places she lived. After raising a son and a daughter, the Walters adopted a son in 1984. Owing to poor health of her parents, Susie returned to Mabscott in 1995 where she had started out. She still lives there. Learn more about Susie from her Classmate Profile.

Alice Faye Rice became Alice Fay Rice-Vest. She began her family while living in New Orleans but moved to Tennessee where she contributed four sons to the University of Tennessee. One is a lawyer, one is an engineer, one is in business and the fourth is a minister.

Alice Faye Riffe stayed in Beckley. She took a job in the office of Beckley Hardware out of high school and later moved to Beckley National Bank remaining there 38 years while the bank changed names four times, finally becoming Chase Bank. Alice is retired and living in Crab Orchard.

Margaret Christine Rogusky-Lively stayed in Beckley. She worked at G.C. Murphy for 12 years and as the restaurant manager at K-Mart for 19years. “Tippy” attended our 50th Class Reunion revealing that she has three children, eight grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

Jo Roles went to Washington D.C. following high school and took a job with the U.S. Department of Agriculture. There, she met and married a Navy man who kept her hopping around until his retirement from that service. Jo has worked in retail and as a special needs instructor at the elementary school level. Now living in Illinois where she intends to remain, she dabbles in antiques. Jo attended our 50th Class Reunion, her first.

Bill Rose attended West Virginia University after WWHS, served in the United States Marine Corps and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration (Accounting Major) from West Virginia Tech in 1967. He also got married to classmate Patty Costelli. Bill’s last full time employment was as the Chief Financial Officer of Pinecrest Hospital in Beckley, retiring in 2003. Bill lives in Conway, South Carolina, near Myrtle Beach. Learn more about Bill from his Classmate Profile. Bill was present at our 45th and 50th Class Reunions.

Gary Schiffer – “Herman” was a retired Raleigh County educator and lived in the Beckley house that Jim Anderson grew up in. Gary had serious health issues, diabetes among them. He never married. Gary died on February 8, 2009 in Beckley.

Barbara Scott-Bentley traveled all around the country as a military wife before entering her second single hood. She says she likes it! Barbie lived in New Hampshire for about 20 years working for Northern Telecom. She moved to North Carolina and retired in 1999, but fills in retirement time as a sales associate at a retail store. Barbara attended our 45th Class Reunion in 2003.

David Ray Scott went west as a young man. He spent four years in the United States Army and then worked at Boeing Aviation until retirement. David returns to West Virginia from his home in the Seattle, Washington area to visit his mother who lives in Fayetteville.

Jacqueline Harwood Short studied art at the University of Pittsburg and got an Associate of Arts degree at Beckley College. She taught handicapped children in Howard County, Maryland for many years. Along the way, she married classmate Pat Porterfield (1962) and started a family. Jackie remained in Maryland and is active in church work.

Joyce Kay Shumate became Joyce Kaye Shumate-Phipps in 1960. She spent two years at West Virginia University before graduating from Concord College (now University) with a degree in education, becoming a teacher for two and one half years. Joyce then changed careers to become a Social Worker with the West Virginia Department of Welfare. She earned a Master of Social Work degree from West Virginia University. Following her retirement from the State of West Virginia, Joyce became the Director of the Raleigh County Head Start Program. She continued as a consultant participating in federal reviews of Head Start Programs throughout the nation. Joyce held one of three seats on the WWHS Class of 1958 Scholarship Fund Committee and was one of our most active Reunion Committee members in preparing for our 50th Class Reunion. Learn more about Joyce from her Classmate Profile. Joyce died on June 12, 2009 at her home in Beckley.

Mary Louise Smith became Mary Louise Smith-Roser and worked 46 years as a hairdresser in Ohio. Mary Louise retired to Tennessee during July 2005 but lost her husband Jim in November 2005, following 46 years of marriage. She has returned to Ohio to be near her son, daughter and three grandchildren. “Lou” who is spending more of her time in West Virginia again attended our 50th Class Reunion, her first.

Nancy Earle Smith worked at the Department of Employment Security in Beckley after high school. She married classmate Larry Belcher and moved to Baltimore, Maryland, then St. Petersburg, Florida, back to Beckley and then to Abingdon, Virginia where she was transferred in 1985. Nancy is still working (2008) as executive assistant the CEO of a mining equipment company. Nancy is a regular at all of our class reunions, most recently the 45th and the 50th.

Ed Snuffer is a building contractor in Beckley, like his father before him. Ed married Connie Curtis from the class behind of us in 2007. Ed is semi-retired, living part-time in Beckley and part time in Virginia. We saw Ed at the 45th Class Reunion, at the mini-reunion in June 2005 and at our 50th Class Reunion. Ed is a regular on the Class Reunion Committee and serves as the alternate member of the Class of 1958 Scholarship Fund Committee.

Bobbie Jean Snyder is still sharp. Indeed, so sharp she found a sharp husband and made her name Bobbie Jean Snyder-Sharp. Bobbie Jean is retired from nursing, lives in Arkansas and became a grandmother for the first time in June 2005. Bobbie Jean was front and center at our 50th Class Reunion.

Eugene Solonka worked as a roofer in Maryland, then as a bartender in Florida, then as a bar owner before becoming disabled during the 1970s. He lives in Beckley.

John Spinelli built a contracting business in Maryland, then retired to Florida. His orange trees sustained some damage during the hurricane season of 2004. John sometimes runs into conflicts where our class reunions are concerned, but said wild horses could not keep him away from our 50th. They didn’t. He was a welcome site at all events that weekend.

Larry Eugene Stafford married his high school sweetheart/classmate Patty Maxey. He operated a Brougton Dairy milk route in Beckley for three years and was a newspaper distributor for two years. Then he served on the Beckley Police Department for nine years rising to the rank of sergeant. Larry left Beckley to go into industrial security with the Rite-Aide Drug store chain and is still working. Larry has attended most class reunions including the 45th and 50th.

Betty Lenore Suddreth earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Concord College (now University) and pursued a career as an educator in the Mercer, Monongalia and Raleigh County school systems in West Virginia. She earned a Master’s degree from Marshall University and ended her 38 year teaching career at the Greater Beckley Christian School. Betty is married to classmate Melvin Storm Jamison, is the mother of three children and has attended every reunion the Class of 1958 has held.

Shirley Lea Sutphin added Carroll to her name and settled down in Maryland. Shirley retired from NASA where among other things, she got to meet astronauts and travel to Cape Canaveral to watch spacecraft launches. Learn more about Shirley from her Classmate Profile Shirley attended both our 45th and 50th Class Reunions.

Joan Swepston graduated from Beckley College (now Mountain State University) after graduating from WWHS. She added Stevens to her name and moved to Suitland, Maryland while working for C&P Telephone in Washington, D.C. Joan returned to Beckley in 1975 with her daughter and has worked in banking from that time to this. Joan has no desire to retire. Joan was a welcome presence at our 45th and 50th Class Reunions.

Shirley Jean Tassitino attended Beckley College for 1 1/2 years after graduating from WWHS and transfered to Morris Harvey College. There she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Education. She also met Mr. Right at Morris Harvey and added Toney to her name. She became the mother of two children and taught in West Virginia until moving to Sterling, Virginia. She taught 35 years in Sterling, finishing her career as a school principal. She still lives in Sterling.

Joyce Taylor-Thornton went to Florida in 1958 and found Mr. Right four days after her arrival. She is still there. Joyce came to the class mini-reunion in June 2005 and our 50th Class Reunion. We expect to see her at the 60th and the 70th.

If you ask Florence Thomas-Denny about her career, she will tell you she is a “kept woman”. Florence has never been employed outside the home. Having intended to retire in Clearwater, Florida, the Dennys sold the condo they had bought there and purchased a home at Daniels, West Virginia for retirement purposes. Florence attended the 45th Class Reunion in June 2003, the class mini-reunion in June 2005 and the 50th Class reunion.

Perky little Barbara Thorne went to Morris Harvey College (now Charleston University) were she earned a degree in education and added Burdette to her name. After teaching at the high school level in Raleigh County for a couple of years, Barbara changed professions and entered social work. She is retired from the State of West Virginia. Barbara and her husband moved to Florida in January 2000. They are still there. Barbara has never missed a class reunion and looked as good at our 50th as she did at our first class reunion.

Mary Ellen Thorpe who became Mary Ellen Thorpe-States attended Concord College (now University) upon graduation from WWHS. She married in 1960 and left Concord when her husband graduated in 1961. Over the next 34 years Mary Ellen lived in Norfolk, the Great Bridge area of Chesapeake, Richmond and Roanoke, all in Virginia. Mary Ellen was both a stay at home Mom and student at Old Dominion University, graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education. She also earned a Master’s degree from Old Dominion. Mary Ellen applied her education as a first grade teacher, retiring in 1995. She and her husband Ed States live at Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia. Mary Ellen has attended several of the Class of 1958 five year reunions including the 50th. Learn more about Mary Ellen from her Classmate Profile.

Ernest Wayne Tucker, sometimes remembered as “Sam”, worked at J.C. Penny and George’s Fashions before joining the Beckley Fire Department (BFD) in 1971. He retired from BFD June 1999 with the rank of lieutenant. Still living in Beckley, Wayne is the father of two daughters and grandfather of four. His hobbies include hunting, riding his four-wheeler and competitive shooting. Wayne serves on the Class Reunion Committee and has been a regular at these events. Learn more about Wayne from his Classmate Profile.

Linda Lou Underwood became Linda Lou Underwood-Klopp and bounced around some very important offices on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. before going home to Beckley. She is a deputy in the Raleigh County Clerk’s Office and is a member of the board of directors and treasurer for the Raleigh County Emergency Operations Center. Linda received our Class Spirit Award at the June 2005 mini-reunion. She serves on the Class Reunion Committee and our Class Scholarship Committee. Learn more about Linda from her Classmate Profile.

Ann Wallen has lived in Texas, Iowa, Ohio, Tennessee, Oklahoma, where she received a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, and Arkansas, where she picked up a husband. A farm in Arkansas provides for a busy retirement.

Mary Nadine Walls wound up being Mary Nadine Walls-Mossner on a farm near Frankenmuth, Michigan. Nadine came to the 50th Class Reunion and was as perky as ever. Learn more about Nadine in her Classmate Profile.

Barbara Lee Warden married classmate Dick Grubb and became a homemaker until 1970 when she moved to Berryville, Virginia. Barbara went to work as the secretary of the local elementary school, retiring in 1965.

Jo Ann Watson-Rhodes had to survive a liver transplant in 2007 to make it to our 50th Class Reunion, where she looked as perky as ever. Jo Ann owned a pottery shop in years gone by and was a real estate broker. She still dabbles in real estate but considers herself happily retired.

Micki Wender was raised in West Virginia, received her higher education in Ohio and teaches college in California. She married an educator from Ohio and retains her great sense of humor. Micki has experienced serious illness during the past few years, but recovered sufficiently to attend our 50th Class Reunion.

Bob Wickline lives in Ohio, one of five states (plus the District of Columbia) he lived in prior to retiring in 1992 from marketing management with AT&T. Bob has engaged in entrepreneurial projects during his “retirement”.

Lewis Williams is a retired school principal from the Fayette County school system. Lewis lives on the same farm he lived on when we were in high school. Following a serious bout with cancer, he gave up the farming part of his residence. Many classmates were glad to reunite with Lewis at the 45th Class Reunion and again at the mini-reunion in June 2003. Lewis attended our Golden Anniversary Brunch in Beckley.

Larry Lee Willis served in the United States Army following high school, before going to work for the government (Department of Defense) in the tele-communications field. Larry stayed with DOD more than 30 years and is retired now. He lives in Winchester, Virginia, married to classmate Lynda Oscar. Larry was front and center at all 50th Class Reunion events.

Gene Burton Wiseman served in the 82nd Airborne Division of the United States Army for three years. He married classmate Phyllis Marie Faykus and they established a home in Annandale, Virginia. Gene completed an apprienticeship in cabinet making and worked at his trade for Giant Food Stores until 2007. Gene was present for all events at our 50th Class Reunion.

Martha Jane Wood followed her mother into nursing, then met an engineer who grew up in Clarksburg, West Virginia while working in Rockville, Maryland. She went to Germany where the army had transferred her engineer and married him. They returned to West Virginia to work and raise a family of three in Charleston. Martha retired from the State of West Virginia at the end of March 2005 and served as co-hostess of the class mini-reunion in June 2005. Martha serves on the Class Reunion Committee and was one of the chief architects of the 50th Class Reunion. She also holds one of the three seats on the Class of 1958 Scholarship Fund Committee.

Shirley Jean Wooten grew up in Mac Arthur, became Shirley Jean Wooten-Dinsmore and moved to Coal City. She worked for the Raleigh County Board of Education for 21 years, retiring in June 2004 and sadly became a widow in November 2004. Shirley Jean stays active with church work and grandma work. Her three daughters gave her eight grandchildren, who gave her six great grandchildren – enough to win the award for most great grandchildren at the class mini-reunion in June 2005. Shirley reported in March 2006 there was another great grandchild on the way. Shirley attended our Golden Anniversary Brunch in Beckley.

Kenny Zemerick retired from United Airlines and stayed on in Missouri. Kenny attended our 45th and 50th Class Reunions.

John Zingo married Phyllis Jo Wood from the class behind us. They moved to Rochester, New York where they built a business that sells and repairs food service equipment. Both are still working in the business. Johnny attended our 50th Class Reunion, his first.