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Updated: October 18, 2007

In 1956 I left my fellow classmates and moved to Miami, Florida, due to my mother’s health. At the time I would have given anything to stay with my friends and classmates, most of whom I had grown up with, and graduate from Woodrow Wilson High School. Although I graduated from Miami Jackson High School in Miami, I am still a Flying Eagle at heart.

After my education I pursued a career in Florida State Law Enforcement and Corrections. Most of my law enforcement was in one form of investigation or another. I was assigned to several different locations in Florida from the Miami area to the Florida panhandle. I closed out my career by becoming a Warden at one of Florida’s maximum security prisons. (Some may have thought I would be on the other side of the bars and yes, even though my name was Barney they did let me have more then one bullet in my gun). After having been involved in every aspect of State Law Enforcement and the Penal System I retired after thirty years.

I have three children. Two sons and a daughter. I have two grandchildren, a boy and a girl. All live in Florida. My wife, Nancy, and I live in The Villages in central Florida. It is a active adult retirement community. Web site is,, if you want to check it out. There are over 100,000 residents and it encompasses parts of three counties. In short it is a “Disney World” for seniors, with free golf for life.

One of my former classmates, Johnny Spinelli, also resides in The Villages and has kept me abreast of the happenings of the class of ’58.

I will never forget the group of friends that I grew up with in Beckley. There is a fond place in my heart for them. Although I know it is not possible I would love to see you all once again.

Best Wishes to you all,