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Class Chapel

Welcome to our Class Chapel presented here in lieu of the Bible Club some of our classmates cherished in high school. There are a number of features to the Class Chapel: we have a page to register requests for prayer, we have a registry of classmates who became members of the clergy, because our web site is devoted to our history – we have a directory of clergymen from the Beckley area who served in the churches or synagogue we attended as school students and in the Clergy Corner – we present short inspirational messages written by our minister classmates.

We hope you will enjoy your visit to the chapel and return often to review updated requests for prayer support and messages left by our clergy. Just click on a link to go to one of the features already described.

The following members of the Woodrow Wilson High School Class of 1958 are ministers:

      • Rev. John Franklin Estrada in Tennessee
      • Dr. Sharon Louise Coleman-Estrada in Tennessee
      • Rev. James Warren Lawson in West Virginia
      • Dr. Melvin Storm Jamison in West Virginia
      • Rev. Wayne Edward Manning in California
      • Rev. N. Richard Meadows in Florida

All but Rev. Lawson are serving the class as on-line chaplains.

The following served as members of the clergy in the Beckley area during 1958:

    • Capt. Robert H. Boyce – Salvation Army
    • Dr. Alvin J. Cook – First Baptist Church
    • Rev. Rev. Otis Clyburn – Church of God in MacArthur
    • Rev. Shirley Donnelly – Crab Orchard Baptist Church
    • Rev. J.B. Dryfield – First Methodist Church
    • Rev. Haynes – Beckley Nazarene Church
    • Father Paul V. Helsley – St. Francis de Sales Catholic Church
    • Rabbi Abraham A. Kertes – Temple Beth El
    • Rev. O. Worth May – St. Stevens Episcopal Church
    • Rev. Corey O. Mitchell – Ebenezer Baptist Church
    • Rev. L.L. Reckart – St. Mary’s Methodist Church
    • Rev. Everette R. Schaffer – Beckley Regular Baptist Church
    • Rev. Charles Emerson Walker – Memorial Baptist Church
    • Rev. A.H. Wilson – First Christian Church
    • Rev. James W. Witherspoon – Beckley Presbyterian Church
    • Rev. W.L. Woodruff – Beckley Seventh Day Adventist Church
    • Rev. J.B.F. Yoak, Jr. – Methodist Temple