Sue Ellen Redden-Walters

Updated: April 17, 2006


Ten months out of high school, I married a man by the name of Fred Walters. Fred had attended Mabscott Elementary School, but graduated from Sophia High School. He was in the U.S. Army when we married.

Fred stayed in the Army and we lived all over the world. My favorite country we went to was Taiwan. It was considered a hardship tour by the Army, so they paid us more to be there. We had a live in maid for $25.00 a month. She had Sundays off. You had to have a maid so the people wouldn’t rob you and to have hot water, heated by a fire in the tank. That lasted about two hours. We would have to firecracker the yard to run the snakes and lizards off so the kids could play outside. We had a man that came every Friday to rake up the firecracker papers and cut grass. He also cleaned the windows, the porch and washed our car. We paid him $5.00 month.

It was a beautiful country and the people there liked Americans. Everything in town was so cheap and they wanted you to argue for a lower price, which you got. We had to get drinking water from the Navy Hospital. We had big jugs with a knob to pour water. Doesn’t sound like a place you would want to go, but I thought it was a great experience. We were there for 2 years.

Along the way, we had two children. Our son is now 45 years old and our daughter is 43. They have given us one grandson and one granddaughter.

Freddie retired from the Army in 1978. We were living in Augusta, Georgia. We lived in Gaithersburg, Maryland in 1979-1980. I loved it but Freddie hated it. He was on the D.C. Beltway back and forth between Maryland, Virginia and D.C. He was computer repairman. Then, we moved back to Augusta.

We adopted a son (Casey) in 1984. He graduated from WWHS in 2002. Casey is presently in his senior year at West Virginia Tech. He will finish college with two majors and one minor. His name will appear in the National Deans List to be published in September 2006.

I couldn’t have a real career, moving all over the world. When Casey started kindergarten in 1988 at a private Christian school in Augusta, I went to work there. I did data entry with a computer, typing, payroll, bank acct, ordering food, and when one of the teachers would call in, guess who they sent to that class for the day? I worked there until we moved in 1995.

In 1995, my parents’ health got bad so we sold out and moved back to Mabscott to help them. My Mother died in 2002 and my Dad in 2003. My husband passed away on June 13, 2005, one day after his 67th birthday.

I have not made up my mind what to do when Casey graduates from college. But until I decide, I will be here in Mabscott, right where I started out.

– Susie