Johnnie Herbert Hoskins

Updated: July 4, 2007


I probably beat our entire graduating class to college. Two days after graduation I was on my way to Lackland AFB, Texas for processing, since I had attended basic training the summer before as a member of the Air National Guard. By July, I was a student at Syracuse University attempting to learn the Polish language. I spent the next 22 years in various facets of Air Force Intelligence – being stationed in such exotic lands as Thailand, Iceland and Germany (11 years).

I retired in 1980 and attended the University of Arizona, earning a BS in Public Administration. I worked the next 16 years as a Supervisor for the State of Arizona’s Department of Economic Security.

My working career ended with a heart attack on 9/11/2001. It seems that my misadventures in Southeast Asia finally caught up with me, i.e., getting hit with Agent Orange. I now work with the Veterans of Foreign Wars on a volunteer basis, holding various Post, District and State offices.

– Johnnie