Dennis James Mahoney

Updated: April 19, 2005


Following graduation from Woodrow Wilson, I worked and attended the old Beckley College at night. After a year, I left Beckley for Southern California. I attended Cerritos Junior College and Long Beach State College (now Cal State LB) where I majored in math. Computer courses were taught in the math department at that time and I took all of the computer courses they had.

After college, I spent four years in the Air Force. During my military service I married my wife, Joanne in 1963. I had met her while I was at Cerritos on a blind date set up by mutual friends in 1960.

My first professional positions were in computer programming, first in the Air Force and then at Honeywell’s EDP Division, later known as Honeywell Information Systems. I have worked as a Systems Engineer and Systems Manager, leaving programming behind to concentrate on management.

I held various positions with Honeywell, and relocated from Los Angeles to Phoenix, Arizona. I left Honeywell for Apple Computer during their early years and relocated from Phoenix to the San Francisco Bay Area (Silicon Valley). At Apple Computer, I established a field Sales Training group, became manager of all training – sales, technical, service and customer – eventually managing a staff of approximately 200 people. After one further challenge at Apple, I decided to retire in 1991.

We thought about relocating to the island of Kauai. After three months of renting an apartment there, we decided Hawaii was too far from aging family and moved to Prescott, Arizona. We knew about Prescott bcause we had visited there when we lived in Phoenix. In the mean time, I was doing some executive consulting in the Bay Area and one of my clients, Advanced Micro Devices wanted me to implement a Total Quality/Executive Development program. I took this job on the condition I could commute from Prescott. I had my weekends in Prescott and spent weekdays in the Bay Area. I worked at this until 1995, but the commuting was not fun so we retired to Prescott again. Prescott is in the mountains where we avoid the heat of Phoenix. After years of living in LA, Phoenix and the Silicon Valley of California, it is nice to be in a small town. I have been retired (3rd time, after another 2 year stint in the Bay Area) since 1999. I still do a little consulting, but not as much as I used to.

Joanne and I have two sons. My oldest was recently transfered to Montgomery, Alabama and my youngest is finishing up the Physician Assistant program at Duke University. He will graduate in May, but has rotations until August. Following that, he can be certified and get a job. Looking forward to that.

I have enjoyed life and now enjoy reconnecting with old friends and classmates through the class website. If you are ever in the neigborhood, I want to know about it.

– Denny